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At Lydden we use the Kent Primary Scheme of Work as a starting point for our science teaching and learning. The scheme of work comprises of 28 units in accordance with the guidance in the new National Curriculum, the scheme has clearly indicated a progression in the key scientific knowledge and concepts, from Year 1 to Year 6.

Children are encouraged to “work scientifically”, developing key skills during investigations based on the unit themes. Scientific vocabulary is developed alongside each unit of work with key vocabulary and terms introduced and reinforced in every year group.

A wide range of learning strategies are employed to engage the children including drama, deep thinking time, problem-solving in various contexts, videos from web pages  and recording learning in a variety of ways for different audiences.


The Unit Themes for each year group.


Year 1  Seasonal change; Everyday materials; Plants and Animals, including humans.


Year 2  Animals including humans; Uses of everyday materials; All living things and their habitats and Plants.


Year 3  Forces and magnets; Light; Rocks; Plants and Animals including humans.


Year 4  Animals including humans; All living things; Sound; States of matter and Electricity.


Year 5  Earth and Space; Forces; Properties and changes of materials; Animals including humans and All living things.


Year 6  Electricity; Light; Animals including humans; All living things and Evolution and inheritance.