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Connecting with Tim Peake

Exceptionally lucky pupils from Year 5 have been invited by Wellesley House School in Broadstairs to attend an 'invitation only' Space Extravaganza. Only 4 tickets were available and the lucky children from the draw were Alisha Larnder, Harry Broom, James McCann and Tahani Mason. These children have the possibility of speaking directly to Tim Peak aboard the International Space Station via amateur radio links.  Other Year 5 children have proposed questions for our representatives to ask Tim if they are selected. There are a host of exciting space related activities planned for the morning and there will be much press coverage and interest at this special event. We are all looking forward to them reporting back later in April.


Seeds in Space 

We are very excited that pupils in Year 5 are preparing to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that may have been into space. This is a national experiment that we have been selected to take part in by the Royal Horticultural Society. Pupils will be receiving a pack of 100 seeds that may have been flown to the International Space Station in September, spending several months in micro-gravity.


They will be growing these seeds as part of a controlled investigation to measure the difference over seven weeks to find out whether the trip to space does affect growth. We look forward to discovering the results!​ For more information on the Rocket Science project go to: and search ‘seeds in space’.​

The Science Curriculum at River

In 2014, River was awarded the Gold Primary Science Quality Mark.

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Each class has a set of principles by which children learn science.

Science is going well when…

•          We are learning through practical ‘hands on’ investigations.

•          We are thinking of and asking our own questions to investigate.

•          We work collaboratively together and learn from each other.

•          We use scientific resources to help us learn.

•          We make connections to familiar contexts that we can relate to.

•          We are learning outside the classroom and have science visitors and visits.


At River we use the Kent Primary Scheme of Work as a starting point for our science teaching and learning. The scheme of work comprises of 28 units in accordance with the guidance in the new National Curriculum, the scheme has clearly indicated a progression in the key scientific knowledge and concepts, from Year 1 to Year 6.

Children are encouraged to “work scientifically”, developing key skills during investigations based on the unit themes. Scientific vocabulary is developed alongside each unit of work with key vocabulary and terms introduced and reinforced in every year group.

A wide range of learning strategies are employed to engage the children including drama, deep thinking time, problem-solving in various contexts, videos from web pages  and recording learning in a variety of ways for different audiences.


The Unit Themes for each year group.


Year 1  Seasonal change; Everyday materials; Plants and Animals, including humans.


Year 2  Animals including humans; Uses of everyday materials; All living things and their habitats and Plants.


Year 3  Forces and magnets; Light; Rocks; Plants and Animals including humans.


Year 4  Animals including humans; All living things; Sound; States of matter and Electricity.


Year 5  Earth and Space; Forces; Properties and changes of materials; Animals including humans and All living things.


Year 6  Electricity; Light; Animals including humans; All living things and Evolution and inheritance.