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School Council

At River Primary School, our School Council is an important and integral part of what makes the school a democratic and inclusive community.

School councillors are elected by adults around the school who recognise children's dedication to the school and wider environment. 

The children meet weekly to discuss matters from around the school and share pupil voice.

Term 1 2021

We've had our first meeting of the of the new school year and it was great to have everyone in the same room again. Our school councillors will remain the same for the first half of the year, as they didn't have many opportunities to carry out their duties last year. We also welcome our new Year 1 councillors. We are all looking forward to working with our classes to ensure that everyone's voice is heard. 

School Councillors 

Year 1: Cohen 

Year 2: Grace & Zoe

Year 3: Oliver & Reuben

Year 4: Oliver & Nieve

Year 5: Heidi & Harry

Year 6: Dominic & Emily 

SRP: Toby Castle-Turner