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School Council

At River Primary School, our School Council is an important and integral part of what makes the school a democratic and inclusive community.


School councillors are elected by adults around the school who recognise children's dedication to the school and wider environment.

The children meet every Thursday to discuss matters from around the school and share pupil voice.

School Council Review 2020


The new School Council have had a very busy time in the first two terms and have worked together as a brilliant team. They spent much of term one planning and preparing for Children in Need. Each member discussed with their class what fundraising events we should hold and as a council they decided which ideas to carry out.


Our KS2 councillors sold Children in Need merchandise in the playground in the run up to the big day on Friday 15th November. As well as this they also ran spotty cake sale stalls and we all donated £1 to wear something spotty too. Altogether, we raised an amazing £1159.86!


River General Election

In the run-up to our own election, representatives for our 4 political parties, Transform, Progress, Tomorrow and Vision, discussed and selected 2 key policies that they felt strongly about. They then worked in pairs to write and practise presenting their manifestos…


Vision: Sam and Xanthe


All young people should have compulsory personal finance education. Many young people leave school with no idea of how to manage their money. We will introduce a curriculum to help students understand how to manage their money.


The Vision party believe that smokers should be charged for using the NHS. Treating smoking related diseases caused by smoking, costs the NHS billions of pounds every year. We will charge smokers for any treatment towards smoking related illness.


Tomorrow: Emma and Harry


The Tomorrow party will protect and improve the environment to improve everyone’s health and well-being. We will reduce air pollution, noise from traffic. We will clear up our streets. We will make the country a cleaner and healthier environment for us and for generations to come.


The Tomorrow party will provide housing support for older, vulnerable people who are struggling. We will provide essential housing support for elderly people who are alone. We will help vulnerable people who need support finding suitable accommodation.


Transform: Niamh and Blake


The Transform party want to put a stop to crime. We will install at least 2 regular police officers in every community in the country.


The Transform party believes in increasing the choices for children with special educational needs because these children and young people can struggle to get the help they need to do well. We will set up a new task force to work with these children and young people to improve their educational choices.


Progress:  Gracey and Niamh

UK Health

The Progress party will reduce obesity and improve the diet of the population of the UK. We want to ensure that everyone is encouraged to eat healthily. We will make sure that all food in supermarkets have the calories printed on their packaging

Overseas Aid

We in the Progress party want to improve the health of poor people in developing countries.  Across the world, people’s health is improving and we will continue working to improve the health of people in these developing countries.


Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 had a ballot paper and voted for their preferred party on Thursday 12th December. The winning party was Tomorrow with 130 votes. They were closely followed by the Progress party and in joint 3rd place were the Transform and Vision parties.

We are very proud of all of the candidates who did a fantastic job of presenting their manifestos in front of the whole school.