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This term we will be reading The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman

We will be continuing with how to find evidence to support our inferences of characters and also developing our prediction skills using the details we have read. You can find further Philip Pullman books at:


In school we use the "VIPERS" approach. The following question starters will support your child when reading at home.




• Find and copy a group of words which show that…

• How do these words make the reader feel? How does this paragraph suggest this?

• How do the descriptions of …… show that they are ……..

• How can you tell that……

• What impression of …… do you get from these paragraphs?

• What voice might these characters use?

• What was …. thinking when…..

• Who is telling the story?



• From the cover what do you think this text is going to be about?

• What is happening now? What happened before this? What will happen after?

• What does this paragraph suggest will happen next? What makes you think this?

• Do you think the choice of setting will influence how the plot develops?

• Do you think… will happen? Yes, no or maybe? Explain your answer using evidence from the text.


Reading at Home

Try to take part in our River reading challenge! 

We are challenging you to read 500 minutes this time. Every time you read for ten minutes ask an adult to sign your challenge sheet. Hand your completed sheet to in to be invited for hot chocolate and a story!


At River, our books are organised into coloured book bands and include books from a wide range of schemes.

We encourage children to become independent in their book choices and develop a love for reading. With this in mind, they may bring home a book they have previously read.  This could be because they have enjoyed it or simply forgotten they have had it before! It is good practise for children to re-read books to build up their fluency and understanding.

From term 1 children will be able to change their book as and when they are ready to.

Children should read every day. This could be with an adult, older sibling or independently. Children should be asked questions about what they have read to ensure they have a good comprehension of the text. You can use the VIPERS question prompts that we use in school to help create questions.

Please write in their reading record and adults will respond where needed should you have any reading related questions.

Your child will sometimes have the opportunity to read to an adult in school and so it is essential they bring their book and reading record daily.

Please also record any other reading opportunities children have engaged with at home. This may include texts such as comics, newspapers or recipes. The possibilities are endless!