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Reading is the key for children to unlock their learning across many other subjects. We actively promote reading for pleasure by providing children with rich resources both in lessons and in our library. Teachers, Teaching Assistants and our Librarian are happy to help the children to make informed book choices.


We encourage independent reading and ask parents to support this by listening to children read at home each day, throughout their time with us. We use a range of reading scheme books so that we can cater for different needs and interests, but also so that we can offer different types of books to broaden a child's interest range. 


Phonics is a systematic way of learning to read. Children are taught the sounds that letters make and how to blend them together to 'sound out' words. Phonics is taught using the 'Letters and Sounds' programme. The teachers also use and adapt other resources to compliment these lessons.


Children read in class every day through the range of lessons provided, but also in Guided Reading sessions. The learning in these lessons is structured so that children can undertake independent reading activities. At least once a week, every child has a Guided Reading session with their teacher. This involves sharing and discussing text, and working on individual and group reading targets.