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Roman food facts!

Roman soldiers, Celtic warriors and gladiator topic learning!

We are Roman soldiers!

Term 6 - I am warrior!

Time capsule...

Exercise during lock down!

River Dour posters!

The water cycle!

Exploring life in and near the river!

Term 5 - Flow!

Discover the Ultimate Predators...

Tiger dance - check out our moves!

Our guided reading book
Term 4 - Predators!

We created our own Greek pottery, inspired by Greek gods/goddesses and Greek myths.

Which plates illustrate a Greek myth?

Discussing character's feelings in Theseus and the Minotaur!

Learning fractions with chocolate!

Dividing 2 digits by 1 digit with remainders.

What do YOU know about Greek Gods and Goddesses?

Term 3 - Gods and Mortals!

Christmas Lunch!

Potion making with our families!

BFG playscripts!

Which liquid travels the fastest?

Oil,barbecue sauce and after sun lotion were used.

Sorting solids, liquids and gases.

Which items are both liquids and gases?

Forest School Potions!

Term 2 - Potions!

Clay busts of heroes and heroines.

Krindlekrax. "It was the day for choosing a hero!"

Amazing art based on David Hockney's artwork.

Super Hero Place Value Learning!

Heroes and Villains dress up day!

Term 1 - Heroes and Villains.