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What is it? All of these photographs are of instruments in the music room - can you work out what they are?

These are some of the questions I have been asked over the last few weeks:

Can we do music?  Yes we can!

Can I play my instrument in assemblies? No. We are not having assemblies in the hall at the moment. You can perform to your class in our music lessons though - just let me know.

Are we allowed to sing? At the moment there are rules about how much space we need for the whole class to be able to sing, but we can sing outside where we can socially distance ourselves. 

Can we play our usual circle games in our music lessons? No. We are going to sit on benches that face the front of the room. 

Are we going to be able to play all the instruments? We will talk in our music lessons about which we are able to play and why. Cleaning the instruments before they are used is very important and we don't want to damage any of them.

So what can we do in our music lessons then? Listening, discussing different types of music and musicians, composing, rhythm games and playing some of the instruments will all happen in our lessons.

                                                                                                  Miss Didcott (Music Coordinator)