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Please find the worksheets for today's learning. Year 5 students will see that questions 2 and 7 have been erased; this is intentional, so don't worry. There is more practice if you have time. 

Yer 6 students, please attempt both sides of the worksheet.




Today we will be looking at the first (short) 4 chapters of our guided reading text Holes, along with a short text called 'A Walk in the Desert'. There will be plenty of reading to do, so if you have time before, you're more than welcome to have a look at 'A Walk in the Desert'. 


Our focus will be on how the authors present the setting of a desert, looking closely at the vocabulary used in descriptions. You will find both texts below. There is also a table to help you with your hunt for vocabulary. 




Having been introduced to the Chihuahua Desert in our readings, it's now our opportunity to find out a little bit about it, and delve into what you actually find there.


There is lots to explore and to find out. What animals and plants survive there? What is the climate like? How high (and low) to the extreme temperatures get to? Can people survive and actually live there? Please find attached some guidance to help you, and there is a template for writing out your findings which some of you may like to use. I look forward to hearing about the amazing facts and information that you find!