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Lydden Primary School

Lydden Primary School




Our focus for this term will be:


This term, we will be continuing to work with multiplication and division. We will also be looking at fractions.


Please continue to learn times table facts, along with the divisions that go with them.


What can parents do to support learning at home?

  • Ensure children are secure with their times table knowledge up to 12x12. This supports understanding in so many areas of Maths.
  • Help children to secure their written methods of calculation (please follow the school's calculation policy for this).
  • Ensure children are secure and confident with telling the time to the nearest minute - both on analogue and digital clocks.
  • Use measurements in real-life situations such as weighing ingredients when cooking and baking.

These links will take you to a variety of games and learning resources (feel free to explore on the websites):