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What's the time Mr Wolf?

This term we will practising our time facts and telling the time to the nearest minute, as well as converting times between analogue (12 hour) and digital (24 hour).



Money! How much does it cost? Do I have enough? How much change will I recieve?

This term we will also develop our understanding of pounds and pence, fluently converting between the two, ordering amounts and estimating costs. Finally applying our knowledge of the four operations, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, to solve money problems.


Try the activities below to practise money and time:

* Next time shopping, look at the prices. How much will it cost? How much change will you get back.


*Work out the change and correctly hand over the correct money:


* Money problems:


* What different ways can the time be displayed? Look at a range of clocks, digital, 24hour and analogue. Tell the time using these. 


*Select the correct time shown on the clock face:



Log on to your Times table Rockstar account to practise.


Click on the links below to practise your times tables: