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This week’s Maths learning is all about 2D shapes. We learnt about shapes earlier on in the school year but it’s been a while since then and lots has happened in that time!

Before you start your Maths learning this week, why not have a look at the shape vocabulary mat with an adult and remind yourself of some 2D shape names.


***Note to adults – it is important for the children to be able to recognise and name at least a square, rectangle, circle and triangle. The other shapes on the sheet will be less familiar or completely unknown to the children. It’s great to explore these and begin to look at how they are the same as/different to other shapes. A common misconception likely to occur is the name of the rhombus. Children often call this a diamond because of the way it is orientated on the page but we usually explore this with them by turning it around and showing them it is a slightly tilted square and all sides are the same length. Diamonds belong in lovely jewellery and not on our shape mat! ***