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Follow these links for a selection of games to help you practice.

To begin year two, we are reinforcing our ability to count to 100 accurately, finding one or ten more or less than a number and using a 100 squares or number line to support our workings. 


Try these games to help you.

Place Value

To help us understand place value, we use base 10.


Play these games to help you develop your understanding of place value;


We have been using base 10 resources and drawings to help us solve a range of addition and subtraction problems.


In Year 2 we need to be able to count:

forwards and backwards in 2s from 0

forwards and backwards in 3s from 0

forwards and backwards in 5s from 0.

These games will help you practice these skills.


Here are some pictures of us using Base 10 and coins to support our understanding of place value.