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Spend some time on 'hit the button'

Times tables, Hit the answer. x4 or x8.

Try to beat your high score!


No Internet?

Write the multiplication equations for your chosen table on paper.

For example,   1 x 8     2 x 8    3 x 8 

Turn them upside down, turn one over at a time and say the answer. 

How many can you get right? How quick can you get? 



Column Subtraction Word Problems


Use your understanding of column subtraction to solve the word problems.

You need to complete a column subtraction for each question.

Remember to read each question carefully, copying numbers carefully in the correct columns. Use squared paper if possible. 





Play maths invaders game

Click subtraction, click year 3, choose your difficulty level. Try to beat your high score.


No Internet?

Use some paper to make number cards 0-9. Can you make a column subtraction only using each number once? Make sure the subtraction works!

For example:  0  1  2  3  5  6  7  8   

   5 9

6 2