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Play hit the button

Number bonds, make 20, make 100 tens or challenge yourself with make 100.

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Write 5 numbers between 0-19. Turn one over at a time, what do you need to add to make 20?

Write 10 numbers between 0-99. Turn one over at a time, what do you need to add to make 100?



Addition and Subtraction word problems

Question hunt!

Print and cut up the question hunt questions. 

Ask a family member to hide the questions around your home.

Find a question, answer it using a column addition or subtraction, then find the next question!

Be careful!

Read each question carefully. What is it asking you to do?





On Wednesday I spent 152 minutes in the morning and 143 minutes in the afternoon. On Thursday I spent 115 minutes in the morning and 224 minutes in the afternoon.

Which day did I work for the longest?

How much longer did I work that day?



Play maths invaders game

Click subtraction, click year 3, choose your difficulty level. Try to beat your high score from yesterday. Can you increase the difficulty?

No Internet?

Use your number cards from yesterday to make addition and subtraction questions

Answers for Parents