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Daily 10! How fast can you get?

Level 3, Partitioning, choose your question interval


Main learning

Column addition with regrouping


Activity 1

Use a column addition to work out:

524 + 345 =

643 + 249 =

382 + 354 =

375 + 158 =


Activity 2

Create your own column additions.

Roll a dice three times to make a 3 digit number.

For example I roll a 3, a 5, and a 2, my 3 digit number would be 352.

Do this again to get another three digit number.

Complete a column addition to find the total of your two numbers.


        352 + 146 = 498


If you don’t have a dice, you could use these online dice:


To add a challenge you could make number cards 0-9 from paper, turn them over and pick three cards to make your three digit numbers.




Remember to spend time on Times Tables Rock Stars everyday!


Answers for Parents Activity one