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Welcome to our Maths zone! We will update games and activities regularly, in line with what we are learning in class.



In term 4 we will be improving our understanding of measurements and using this understanding to calculate perimeter.


Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape.

To work out perimeter we need to know the length of each side of the shape. Then we add them together.



7 + 3 + 7 + 3 = 20  

The perimeter of this shape is 20.     


3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15

This is the same as  3 x 5 = 15

The perimeter of this shape is 15.



We will also use perimeter to find missing lengths.

The perimeter of this shape is 18cm. 

We know rectangles have 2 sets of equal sides. One of the sides is 6 cm.

6 + 6 = 12 

To work out the ?cm we need to take 12cm away from the perimeter.

18 - 12 = 6. 

2 sides = 6 so we need to divide by 2.

6 divided by 2 = 3

The missing side = 3cm




Useful Websites

This game is good for improving quick recall of our number bonds and times table facts.



These games are perfect for testing our understanding of perimeter.

Make shapes and find their perimeters

Match shapes to their perimeters






Keep practising those times tables!

Remember to go onto Times Table Rock Stars as often as you can to improve your rock status at:

In class we will be starting to look at our 8 times tables to ensure we can rapidly recall both multiplication and division facts. 


You can also practise your maths skills on Math Shed. This is not only for times tables but also mental addition and subtraction and much more. Visit:

Each week the school's highest scoring players for both scores are announced in our whole school celebration assembly. The results are updated weekly and displayed by the school office.


Login information for both Times Table Rock Stars and Maths Shed is in your child's home learning book. Please ask us if you have misplaced your username and passwords.