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Spend 10 minutes on TT Rock Stars. 

Our current Year Group Battle ends just after midday on Sunday – for those of you who haven’t logged in yet, you’ve got a bit more time to contribute to your class total.


Starter Activities

Practise your 7x table again - remember that we say the whole number sentence (1 x 7 is 7, 2 x 7 is 14 etc.) rather than just counting up and down in steps of 7! Can you now answer questions in a muddled up order?  Perhaps you could ask someone at home to test you! 


If you have access to a device connected to the internet, play ‘Hit the Button’  
Select the 7x table; play a couple of times, record your top score! How much have you improved during the week?


Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a device, get your set of 7x table question cards.  Place them face down and see how quickly you can answer them in a random order.  Record your top time! Are you getting faster than your previous attempts?

Main Activity



LO: To calculate the perimeter of shapes


Today we’re going to build on our learning from yesterday – beginning to use information other than counting squares to help us calculate the perimeter of shapes. 


Check back on Thursday’s maths page if you need some reminders about perimeter. 


To warm your brain up, and extend your learning from yesterday, have a go at finding the perimeter of the shapes on the starter sheet attached.  You don’t need to print this to be able to access the learning. 

We’re now going to look at examples of finding perimeters where we don’t need to count squares. 


Where we are given measurements, we can simply add them together to find the perimeter of a shape. 


In this example we can add the numbers together like this:

4+3+4+3= 14cm

Picture 1

Can you write the equation for the next example?

Picture 1

You should have:  5+3+5+3=16cm


Have a go at the questions on this sheet – again, you shouldn’t need to print this out in order to access the learning.

Plenary Task

Have a go at the challenges below, think about what other maths knowledge you might need to know to help you.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3