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In terms 1 & 2 we will be learning about the four operations and fractions and how they relate to every day scenarios whilst looking to deepen their understanding of the following concepts: 


  1. Fractions of an amount
  2. Fractions of an amount – finding the whole
  3. – finding the whole
  4. Simplify fractions
  5. Fractions on a number line
  6. Compare & order fractions by denominator
  7. Compare & order fractions by numerator
  8. Add & subtract fractions (1)
  9. Add & subtract fractions (2)

10. Adding fractions

11. Subtracting fractions

12. Mixed + & - problems

13. Multiply fractions by whole no

14. Multiply fraction by a fraction

15. Divide fraction by a whole no (1)

16. Divide fraction by a whole no (2)

  1. Four rules with fractions

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