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For the first two weeks of Term 2, we will be focussing on written division methods. This will include both short and long division methods.

See below a useful video to remind you of the long division method we have used - use it to support you with your homework :)

Long division with 2-digit divisors

Use this video to remind yourself the steps to solving long division - remember to write out the divisor (what you are dividing by) times table first.

Term 2

Its all about some Fraction Action!




We will also continue working on using our times table knowledge as these are super helpful when working with fractions


e.g. What is 4/5 of 30 - so how many 5's in 30? 6

Now to find 4/5 we need to do 4x6 = 24


Please help to support your child with their maths by encouraging them to log into their Times Tables Rockstars Account  - regular practice of times tables is essential in supporting all other areas of maths

They are also set a weekly maths challenge (on a Friday) on Math Shed. This links to the learning we have been doing in class that week.

All children have been given new logins and should be ready to go!


Other Useful Maths Websites

The websites below may be useful to help you practise and secure some different mathematical concepts. Use the games and information pages to develop your understanding, support your arithmetic skills, or just to have some fun with Maths!