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Maths in Term 2


This term, we are focussing on addition and subtraction; length and perimeter; multiplication and division as well as solving problems with all four operations.  


For addition and subtraction, children will be taught to use the column method to:



You can visit these links to support this learning at home:


Add numbers with up to 4 digits together - Year 5 - P6 - Maths - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Subtract up to 4-digit numbers - Year 5 - P6 - Maths - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


They will also explore other efficient strategies for addition and subtraction, as well as estimating and checking answers.


For length and perimeter, we will cover the following areas:


For multiplication and division, these will be the main teaching points:





enlightenedTimes Tables Rock Stars Website Link


What can parents do to support learning at home?


  • Ensure children are secure with their times table knowledge up to 12x12. This supports understanding in so many areas of maths.
  • Practise quick recall of number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 - the more confident they are with this, the better!
  • Help children to secure their written methods of calculation (please follow the schools calculation policy for this).
  • Practise multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 using knowledge of place value (place value grids can help with this).
  • Ensure children are secure and confident with telling the time to the nearest minute - both on analogue and digital clocks.
  • Use directions in a real-life environment - when you are travelling by car, using GPS to get to a location, reading road signs and maps.
  • Use measurements in real-life situations such as weighing ingredients when cooking and baking.
  • Play a game of battle ships to help with the reading of co-ordinates.


enlightenedYear 4 Term 1 KIRFs.pdf


Here are some fun times tables games for you to play!

enlightenedTimes Table Board Game 2 5 and 10.docx

enlightenedTimes Table Board Game 3 and 4.docx

enlightenedTimes Table Board Game 6 and 8.docx

enlightenedTimes Table Board Game 7 and 9.docx

enlightenedTimes Table Board Game 11 and 12.docx


Other Useful Maths Websites

The websites below may be useful to help you practise and secure some different mathematical concepts. Use the games and information pages to develop your understanding, support your arithmetic skills, or just to have some fun with Maths!

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