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This week we are learning about adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers to bridging over 100.


Below find each days learning activities

Monday - method 2 of adding over the 100 boundary, remember to make 100 first then add the rest of the number.

Tuesday - method 1 of subtracting over the 100 boundary, use subtraction facts you already know.

Wednesday - method 2 of subtracting over the 100 boundary, get 100 first then subtract the rest of the number.

Thursday - problem solving using all of our learning from the past 2 weeks.

Friday - mental maths games (play some games on daily 10, TTRS or maths shed - see links below)


Each day there are challenges provided - these are optional in case you need an extra challenge!



You could also play these games:

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Daily 10 (level 2 or 3)


Remember to play 

Times Table Rock Stars


Maths Shed