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In Literacy this term we will be developing our listening skills to get us ready for phonics. We will be discriminating between sounds we can hear in our environments, listening for rhythm and rhyme, exploring alliteration and starting to blend together sounds we hear. 


Check back here to find activities you can practice with your child at home to support their listening and phonics progress. 



In our daily whole class guided reading sessions we use VIPERS to help us develop our comprehension skills. 


Favourite Five!

Each class has 5 favourite books that they will be visiting throughout the term. We will read these stories many times so your child is familiar with them. Over the course of the year they will know 30 books very well. This is additional to our daily whole class guided reading sessions. 


Bell's Favourite Five!





Baird's Favourite Five!

Some useful resouces to support your child's learning at home...

Some of our favourite songs...