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Welcome to the Year 1 Current Learning Page


If your child is self-isolating and unable to come into school, you will find the year 1 lesson resources below. 




This term we are learning to write accurate sentences using a capital letter to start, cursive handwriting, finger spaces and full stops to end. As we are learning about new and old toys, using the pictures below write accurate sentences to describe them. For example: This new toy car is made of blue shiny plastic. This old toy pram is made of smooth wood.



Spelling - Log on to your Spelling Shed account to practise this weeks sounds at  Spelling Shed - Spelling Shed - The Science of Spelling.



Practise your counting from 1-20 and forming your digits accurately 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.


We are currently learning to split a whole group into two or more parts, representing this using numerals in a cherry model. Each document below is a lesson, including a short input and activity.


Find objects made from metal, plastic, fabric, wood and glass, then look closely at each one and feel them. Describe their properties and write down the words you come up with. Below are some words to help you to describe each one.



Can you get your Speedy badge? Work out with Joe Wicks and Hey Duggee to gain your badge!

Hey Duggee & Jo Wicks Workout



Choose your favourite story and explain why it is your favourite.


Challenge: Draw your toy and label the different materials it is made of. Is it made of the same material or can you spot different ones?