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Important Notices

We encourage the children to independently put their reading books in the box for them to be changed.  Please ensure your child brings in their books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and remind them to put them in the box.  Of course we will gently remind them on these days too.

Book Changing

Reading books need to be returned on Friday and new ones will be given out for the week on Monday. We also check home contact books each day.

Please note: If your child has not returned their books, reading books will not be changed or the home contact books checked. We, of course, give gentle, daily reminders too, especially as children are settling in and learning the routines!

In the 'comments' section of your child's reading record, please let us know:

Did they read any words on sight?

Did they sound out and blend?

Did they use the pictures to help them?

Were there any particular sounds/words they found difficult

This helps us to ensure we are supporting their development. These comments also let us know that the book has been read and needs to be changed.

Home reading books are for the children to practise their skills - they should not be too challenging! It is important that they enjoy reading.


Home Contact Books

Home contact books can be used to let us know changes in dropping off/picking up, lost items or any general concerns or questions.

We will always try to reply, either through writing a message back or talking to you on the gate.

Class teachers may also write in Home Contact books to let you know about 'WOW' moments or information specific to your child.