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Nobel and Bevan Class - Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 2020-2021 


Meet the Team

Nobel Class Teachers: Mrs Mercer and Mrs Court

Nobel Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Beal

Bevan Class Teacher: Mrs Churchill

Bevan Class Teaching Assistant: Miss Allan


Our classes are named after significant people that made a difference. Year 1 have chosen Alfred Nobel and Aneurin Bevan for their significant contributions in history. You may recognise the surname 'Nobel' from the Nobel Peace Prize, and Bevan was responsible for the concept of the NHS.


The children have already created a Year 1 charter - a set of guidelines to help make the year 1 classrooms happy, safe places to learn.


We will…

Be kind to everybody and show respect.

Look after our classroom and keep it tidy.

Listen and follow instructions straight away.

Always do our best learning.

Have kind hands and feet.

Keep safe by social distancing and washing our hands regularly.

Walk silently around the school.


We use our ASPIRE learning attributes to help us:

Attention (ant), Support (snake), Perseverance (parrot), Improvement (iguana), Reflection (rabbit) and Exploration (elephant)


And finally our River Primary badge illustrates our School values which will guide us on our learning journey.

 Community (the three fish) Respect (the letter R), Endeavour (the swan), Diversity (the waves) and Self-belief (the whole shield).


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