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Jigsaw Home Learning Tasks

Home Learning is set on a termly basis, using a grid to give children choices over which activities they would most like to complete for their home learning.  The grid comes home each term, stuck into each Home Learning Book, as well as being available on this page. 


Once children have chosen and completed their activity choice for the week they should colour in a piece of their jigsaw in their Home Learning Book and then return their book for marking, by Wednesday morning.  Home Learning Books will come home each Friday.


In addition to tasks on the grid we actively encourage children to read at home regularly, even if this is just for a short period of time each day.  We also encourage them to practise spellings and times tables, particularly through use of their personal log-ins to Times Table Rock Stars and Spelling and Maths Sheds - very well done to the children in Year Five who are regularly topping the school leader board in our Entrance 'Hall of Fame'smiley


Additional spelling information can be found on the SPAG section of the Year Five pages. 

Take a look below at some of the fantastic home learning that children in Year 5 have been producing!

How to make Oat Flapjacks by Willow (Mondrian Class)

Additional Home Learning from Autumn in Matisse, sharing her personal interest in ornithology

How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies by Riley (Mondrian Class)

Some fact files written by pupils in Matisse about Henri Matisse

Picture 1 Mondrian Cookies by Dylan (Mondrian Class)
Picture 2 'Snag' - A Snake/Dog/Cat by Dylan (Mondrian Class)
Picture 3 Unicorn/Guinea Pig by Isobel (Mondrian Class)
Picture 4 Underwater World by Missy (Mondrian Class)

How to Make a Chocolate Biscuit Cake by Niamh (Mondrian Class)

Jessica - in Matisse Class - demonstrated her interest in our science learning in Term One by researching more about forces.