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Goodall Class

Welcome to Goodall Class!

Our class is made up of children of different ages and year groups across the school so it is unique! We have spaces for 12 children with speech and language needs and at present we have 9 children from  Year R, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6. Our children also belong to their year group class so they can enjoy activities and friendships with their peers as well as benefit from the one-to-one and small group learning we provide in Goodall Class.


Meet the Goodall team!

Ms S. Erkul  - SRP Teacher

Mrs N. Watson - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Henderson - Teaching Assistant

Ms L. Adams - Speech & Language Therapist

Who is Jane Goodall?

Dr Jane Goodall is a world-renowned primatologist now in her eighties, famous for her groundbreaking research into chimpanzees. At the age of 26, Jane entered the Gombe National Park in Tanzania with no formal scientific training or qualifications, taking only her binoculars and notebook -  and a lot of courage - with her. In the 1960's very little was known about chimpanzees, but Jane patiently observed these wonderful great apes for weeks and months, gradually gaining their trust and gathering a wealth of information. Her most important discoveries were that chimpanzees hunt and eat other mammals, and that they make their own tools to suit the purpose. The most significant example of this was discovering that chimps select and modify twigs to probe into ant nests and extract the ants for consumption. 


Jane's early research was funded by National Geographic. In 1977 she founded the Jane Goodall Institute to fund continued research in Gombe and in 1991 she co-founded a conservationist project called Roots and Shoots with a group of young people. This project carries out work in over 100 countries to care for the welfare of animals and their habitats. Nowadays, Dr Goodall travels the world, writing and speaking about conservation, inspiring the younger generations to continue her visionary efforts.