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Glennie Class

Welcome to Glennie Class!


Our class is made up of children of different ages and year groups across the school so it is unique! We have spaces for 12 children with speech and language needs and at present we have 9 children from  Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6. Our children also belong to their year group class so they can enjoy activities and friendships with their peers as well as benefit from the one-to-one and small group learning we provide in Glennie Class.


Meet the Glennie team!


Ms S. Erkul  - SRP Teacher

Mrs N. Watson - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs T. Simpson - Teaching Assistant

Ms L. Adams - Speech Therapist

Mrs J. Townsend - Speech Therapist (maternity cover for Z. Swayne)

Mrs Z. Swayne - Speech Therapist




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Evelyn Glennie (b.1965)


Our class is named after Dame Evelyn Elizabeth Ann Glennie, a Scottish virtuoso percussionist. She began to lose her hearing at 2 years old and was completely deaf by the age of 11. Instead of hearing music through her ears, she is able to feel musical rhythm with her body, in particular her feet; this is why she takes her shoes off when playing and performing. Evelyn Glennie impressed us with her performance at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, leading 1000 drummers before playing the aluphone (aluminium bells struck with a mallet) as the Olympic cauldron was lit. . Evelyn has a collection of more than 1300 musical instruments at home, including a set of cut and tuned car exhaust pipes! What an inspirational lady!