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Here is today's learning. 

Year 5 students, please attempt the first two pages. If you get that far, please do go for the third page.

Year 6 students, please attempt both pages. As it is consolidation and review for you, there is extra in the form of problem-solving. Depending on how confident you feel, do the following:

So-so in confidence: Qs 1 to 3 (page1)

Feeling ok: Qs 4 to 6 (page 2)

Confident: Qs 7 to 9 (page 3)



Today we will be continuing to look at our English language topic from last week on the Active and Passive voice. We will be putting it into practice with different examples, and you will have the chance to create your own interesting sentences. 



As our last home learning PE class, we're going have an intensive warm-up that includes jump lunges, calf raises, knee hops and more. See the video for support and follow along. You'll be well warmed up and ready to go!


Next, it's your choice. Select the other video link where you'll be directed to all sorts of challenges that you can attempt, all with instructions and demonstration. Can you do up to 5 different activities?

Warm up for PE