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Maths. For year 5 students, today's topic is quite a challenge, so try to do just the first page. The second page involves word problems, so if you do try it, we're using the same skills, but we have to read closely! For year 6 students, please do both sides of the worksheet. The last question is a real challenge! There is extra if you get stuck on it. Thanks.

ENGLISH. Today we are working with our guided reading text; I hope you've been paying attention in the afternoons! Please find the questions and instructions attached. Thanks.

PE. This a routine that Mrs Salisbury would like you to do. Find an appropriate space in which to work. Staying active, fit and healthy is really important. Give it a go! If you need support for how to do any of the movements, then check back Joe Wicks' advice from last week. Thanks, and have a super weekend.