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In English this week...

You will find the documents here that are referred to in the learning plan for this week - found at the top of the main 'Current Learning' page

Some additional activities and support for English...

Below you will find some additional activities to support and extend previous learning


Log in to Spelling Shed.  Play for 10 -15 minutes for each day that you're at home.  Try to vary the word lists that you are practising so that you become confident and proficient in lots of our different spelling patterns, lists and topic words - new lists appear every week so keep practising!


These were the words we learnt last term:

autopilot superhuman subway tongue unique


subheading fatigue grotesque
autograph supermarket subdivide league picturesque
automobile supersonic submerge colleague cheque
autobiography superpower submarine vague antique
automatic     dialogue technique

Spelling activities - use a different combination of spelling list and activity each day


  1. Practise a set of spelling words using pyramid spelling or rainbow spelling techniques
  2. Create a wordsearch using one of the sets of words that we have learnt. 
  3. Create a  cryptic crossword by writing clues for each of the words in a spelling set.  How will you include a word going down as well as words going across?
  4. Write some silly sentences using a set of spelling words.  How many of the Year 3/4 spelling words can you include in this list too?  (Check out the list on our Spelling pages to remind you of the words!) 


Use expanded noun phrases and our spelling words to write some sentences (sensible or silly, you may choose!)

Remember, for our expanded noun phrases we have been using the pattern:


adjective, adjective, noun preposition adjective noun


Prepositions you could choose from include:











The Expanded Noun Phrase Song

Use this to help you recall and extend your learning on expanded noun phrases