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Monday 18th May 2020

L.O: To write the main part of my letter.


Today we are writing the second paragraph in our letter to the Government, expressing our concerns about the environment threats which are harming our oceans.


Paragraph 2

Discussing ocean threat 1

What is the issue? How is it harming our oceans? Include shocking facts which support your idea. What should we be doing? Rhetorical question.


Look at your plans from last week and remind yourself of the threat you were going to discuss in your first paragraph.


Main Activity: Write your second paragraph introducing and explaining your concerns about the first threat to our oceans (the first threat is the one you have chosen to discuss first).


You will need to write about:

  1. What is the ocean threat you are introducing in this paragraph?
  2. Explain how it harms the ocean, its coral and wildlife.
  3. Include facts which support and prove that you are correct.
  4. Explain what needs to be done to fix this.
  5. Add a rhetorical question to get the Government thinking.


Remember to use your plan and the vocabulary sheet from last week, to include the facts, sentence openers and any rhetorical questions you wanted to use.


Top Tip: Only talk about the one issue in this paragraph, e.g. only about overfishing.

Use powerful sentence openers and rhetorical questions.


Sentence Openers and Rhetorical Question stems:

Sentence openers

Others must agree...

Over the last decade...

It is in my opinion...

Surely this is unacceptable,

Take a moment to think about...

It seems to me that ...

I believe that...

Without doubt...

Furthermore ...

In addition ...


It is vital that...



Rhetorical Questions

How do you think the wildlife feel?

Do you know that ...?

Did you know... ?

Why aren’t you doing more?

Have you ever thought about ...? How could you possibly...?


Open up the documents below to access the same activity above, but as a pdf.