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Friday 22nd May 2020

L.O: To create a sea creature fact file.


Over the term in our ‘Blue Abyss’ Topic, we have explored and seen a range of weird and wonderful sea life.


But...which was your favourite?


Below is a Batfish and one of my favourite fish (only because it followed me once, when I went scuba diving.)


I have just found out that they can in fact grow 60cm long, that is two of your school rulers put together! Thankfully the one I saw wasn’t that big.


Main Activity: After you have chosen your favourite sea creature create a mini fact file about them, using the information you already know and further research.


The information you might want to include may be:


  • Which zone they live in
  • Describe what they look like
  • How big they get
  • What they eat
  • Where they live - do they live in or near a certain coral?
  • Any special or interesting qualities they have.


Please view the activity above as a pdf, below.