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Send some photographs of you home learning it would be great to see your wonderful learning.



Recap on all your sounds. Use the flashcards sent home.You be the teacher today and teach our grown up.

This week the focus is oy, oi diagraphs.Today focus on oy .

Have a go at writing some oy words. Parents sound out the word slowly and draw cradles for the children. b oy      t oy      j oy 

 r oy a l   s oy a  

Challenge word   oy s t er. Have you ever tried an oyster?


With an adult write the alphabet in yourbook. Than have a treasure hunt,  looking for objects  in your house that begin with the letters of the alphabet. Can you match objects to the letters?

 s---- spoon

If you have any letters left think of something that begins with that letter. Happy hunting.smiley