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Daily Writing Challenge


Can you write the brown owl words below? Which letters can we sound? Are any tricky?

Can you think of a sentence using each word? Practise writing one of them.

down            now




Phase 2 Match Cards
Picture 1
Activity: Can you draw a picture for the last 4 letters (W, X, Y and Z) of the alphabet.  
Can you write the capital and lowercase letter to match it? 
Can you use your phonics to label your pictures?

example: W w web

example: W w web 1


'The Rescue Party' by Nick Butterworth


To finish your learning on this story; can you act out/ re-tell the story using your props and setting that you have made this week. 

Can someone record you, or take a photograph your story for you and send it to us?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4