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Daily Writing Challenge


All resources are available on this webpage or as a printable worksheet. It is your choice how you would like your child to access/complete the tasks. All can be completed visually or through writing on paper/in their exercise book if you are unable to print.


Look carefully at this picture. Can you think of a sentence to explain what you can see? Have a go at using your sounds and cursive writing to write your sentence down.


Challenge: Can you remember where to put the capital letter and full stop?

Picture 1


Starter: Phonics Bloom- Odd Sound Out



Picture 1

Activity:  Identify the odd one out

Can you circle the odd one out (the one that doesn't rhyme)






'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper- Read by Mrs Smith

Still image for this video

What is your favourite soup?

Can you make a list of things that you would put in your own imaginary soup? 

You can record it as a list, with or without pictures- you choose!