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Practise using a range of punctuation with this game:



Today you need to plan your story for someone living through the natural disaster you have researched. You need to think about the beginning, middle and end of the story. Remember think of actions and speech for your character to show how they feel rather than just telling the reader.

For example, rather than writing:

He was petrified.


You could write:

His knees began to quake violently whilst he was frozen to the spot.


Use the table and key questions below to help you think of your ideas:


Beginning – Before the disaster happens

How will you make the setting calm and peaceful?









Middle – Build up to the worst part of the disaster.

What clues will there be that the disaster is about to happen? What would other people be doing? How would the environment begin to change?










End – the disaster and damage!

How does it all go terribly wrong? What does your character do? How to they try to flee to safety?