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Rewrite these sentences using correct inverted commas, accurate punctuation and improve ‘said’ with synonyms. Can you add adverbs for how they said it?

Quick Run said the young girl

The young girl turned to her friend and said What was that noise Why is everyone running

Let’s look for shelter said her best friend We’ll be safe over there



Today you are going to become story writers! Based on your plan from Friday, you need to write a short story about someone who is about to face a natural disaster like the boy in A Day in Pompeii from last week. You can handwrite it or write it on the computer.

Success Criteria

  • Include a beginning paragraph (a peaceful setting)
  • Include a middle paragraph (clues that the disaster is about to happen)
  • Include an ending paragraph (the disaster happens, describe the damage)
  • Include direct speech (with accurate inverted commas and synonyms for said)
  • Remember to give clues of how the character feels rather than just telling the reader




When you have finished remember to edit your writing to make sure:

  • You have accurate punctuation
  • You have checked your spellings
  • Can you improve any of your vocabulary?


You could read your story to a member of your family and get them to give you feedback on how the story made them feel. What did they like? What would they improve?