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This Term our shared text is 'Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.  This story will help us to write a diary entry, a character description and develop our inference and predicting skills.



In school we use the "VIPERS" approach. At the bottom of this page there is a useful document of question prompts to help support your child's reading comprehension at home.  


Reading at Home


We are now using the Accelerated Reader programme for our home reading books. We know that reading is a skill and the best way to get better at it and understand more of what we read is to practise. Children have the opportunity to read for 15 minutes per day in school for enjoyment and they should read daily at home for at least 20 minutes.


Children are given a ZPD which is the book range children can choose books from in our school reading scheme. You will notice this on the front of their reading records.


When children finish reading their book at home, they should complete a short book review in their reading record. They then need to bring their book into school the next day to complete an Accelerated Reader quiz. Quizzes must be completed within 48 hours of finishing the book. The quiz will check your child’s comprehension of the book they have read. Children then earn points from their quiz based on the words read and the score they receive for their comprehension. A score of 80% or higher considers children to have understood what they have read.


How you can help
Children should read every day. This could be with an adult, older sibling or independently. Children should be asked questions about what they have read to ensure they have a good comprehension of the text. You can use the VIPERS question prompts that we use in school to help create questions.

Encourage children to write their own reflection of the book in their reading records. 
Ensure your child brings their reading book in everyday.


Please also encourage children to record any other reading opportunities they have engaged with at home. This may include texts such as reading a favourite book of their own, comics, newspapers or recipes. The possibilities are endless!