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Elephants and Penguins Class - Foundation

Welcome to the Foundation Stage at River!

 Elephants and Penguins show great examples of animal teamwork.

Can you think of any other creatures that work really well together?


Elephants are smart. They can sense when another elephant needs help, and they know how to work together. Adult elephants often use teamwork to rescue a baby elephant that has become stuck in mud.



Penguins do everything together: eating, swimming, hunting and nesting. They huddle together to help keep warm. A large group of penguins is called a rookery.



 In Foundation Stage we use our ASPIRE learning attributes to help us - attention, support, perseverance, improvement, reflection and exploration.



Meet the team

Penguins Class Teacher: Miss Spain

Elephants Class Teacher: Miss Bray

Foundations Stage TAs: Miss Lockhart, Ms McVie and Miss Marsh