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Dolphins Class

Welcome to Dolphins Class!

Our class is made up of children of different ages and year groups across the school so it is unique! We have spaces for 12 children with speech and language needs and at present we have 12 children from   Year 1 through to Year 6. Our children also belong to their year group class so they can enjoy activities and friendships with their peers as well as benefit from the one-to-one and small group learning we provide in Dolphins Class.


Meet the Dolphins team!

Ms S. Erkul  - SRP Teacher

Mrs N. Watson - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss L. King - Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Adams - Speech & Language Therapist

Miss E. Baines - Speech & Language Therapist

All About Dolphins

Did you know that all of our classes at River this year are named after groups of people or animals that demonstrate great teamwork? Dolphins are one such animal; they work brilliantly together in teams in many ways, from raising their young to hunting for food. They are extremely intelligent creatures, which is why they have worked out that teamwork is often the best way to get things done effectively, just as we humans do too. Dolphins are also great at communication, using different sounds such as clicks, squeaks, barks and whistles. These different sounds allow them to work out how far away and what shape objects are in the water using a system called echolocation, as well as communicate with other dolphins in the pod (group). Scientists have even worked out that dolphins have names for each other! Excellent communication skills really help dolphins develop strong group ties, looking out for other pod members and making sure they are all fed and safe. What an amazing community! At school we are all part of different teams too: your year group class team, our Dolphins Class team and your various friendship groups as well. Let's see what teamwork skills we might be able to learn from the dolphins this year!