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Year 5 SRP Mandela Class isolation learning beginning Friday 27th November 2020


Maths for Friday 27/11/20

Please do this if you normally have Maths in Mandela Class. If you have Maths in Yr 5, please complete the tasks set by your class teacher.


Today's lesson is about adding decimal tenths. Work through the PowerPoint as a refresher of Thursday's lesson, then complete the problem tasks sheet.

Top tip: remember to set out your work clearly and neatly, keeping the numbers in their correct column   (Hundreds Tens Ones . tenths = H T  O . t) with the decimal point between the ones and the tenths.

English for Friday 27/11/20

Your task for today is to complete a reading comprehension about sharks. Read the text and answer the questions on the sheet or a separate piece of paper. You can find answers on the last sheet, so put this away until you have finished.