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Spellings list for this week (30 / 11 20 - 04 / 12 / 20)

Synonyms for 'said'



Please find the learning for 26 / 11 / 20. 



To continue our learning on using mental strategies for working out certain calculations (which we studied on Tuesday).



To write three or four diary entries for the final week of Scott's Antarctic journey, just before they died in the freezing conditions. Use the text from yesterday to help (it's still on the page) for tone, style and vocabulary. 

It will help if you try to imagine a sequence of events that happened in the final week. 

EXTRA information: In the final week, the remaining living explorers were Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson and Harry Bowers. The final diary entry was March 29th, 1912. 

Edgar Evans and Titus Oates had already died by this point. 



To create a timeline of polar exploration. Key events to put on your timeline:

Captain Cook's first sighting

The first man on Antarctica

Ernest Shackleton's expedition

Scott's two expedition

Amundsen's expedition

The first flight over Antarctica

The first full crossing of the Antarctic continent

The Atlantic Treaty

The first solo crossing of Antarctica

The first woman to cross Antarctica