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Hi Year 4!

You'll find all your learning for the week appears in our Year 4 Teams channels for Monday to Thursday and then in your individual class channels for Friday.  


We're looking forward to seeing you in our Teams sessions this week - log on for 9am Maths, 10.30am English and 1pm Topic
(except on Friday afternoon when we don't have a live lesson - you'll find your learning for the afternoon session in your Class Teams area as an uploaded assignment)


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Hello to Year 4 Parents and carers, we hope you're all keeping well.

Learning has now moved completely over to Teams.  Resources will appear on Teams in the relevant channel (page) during the week; these will be posted for the children in advance of the time they are delivered. Recordings of live lessons can also be found on the relevant Teams channel for the remainder of the day on which they were recorded - allowing you to access them later in the day if required. 

On the Teams pages you will find any required instructions including slides used in live lesson delivery, together with weblinks or additional resources that the children might need. 

Children should try to 'turn in' their work using the assignments tool where possible, encouraging them to be as independent as possible and reducing the load on parents for having to organise emailing learning to the relevant class email address.  

We're here and happy to help, please do let us know if there is any support we can provide.


Keep on reading books in your book band level by accessing them at the Oxford Owls Website ( ) Year 4 pupils should be trying to read from one of these books for 10-15 minutes daily. 


Our class logins are:


Curie Class - U: 4curie  P: Curie


Moore Class - U: 4moore  P: Moore


Use Purple Mash to write book reviews after you've read...we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on some of the different titles.  You can review other books that you're reading at home too laugh

Miss Ward's Class, please email learning to:


Mr. Arnold's Class, please email learning to:

Additional learning activities


Reading everyday – -instantly stream an incredible range of stories for FREE! – free e-books (mainly children’s classics) - over 100 books free to access – stories for younger children. - David Walliams releasing a free audio story daily


Writing -

- Some free writing now and then. A diary or daily log or even a comic. Also: – writing linked to some reading activities. - resources to help inspire writing - reading comprehensions and writing packs.


Maths -

- Practical hands on maths. Cooking (measuring, weighing, ratios), online shopping, board and card games, reading the time (over learn this), plan a schedule with timings, use the tv guide to plan viewing.

- - maths activities to engage in.

- - TV programme for younger children.

- – useful to add link for parents if they are ‘stuck’ on a particular mathematical term  - huge range of tablet friendly resources for mental maths



- Go outside and observe the natural world. Create a daily weather log. Grow plants and look at the differences in them on a daily basis. Look up at the night sky and observe the stars, learn about the constellations.

- - topic linked science resources - Science for Early Years

- - Practical Science activities to help nature

- -Science activities for older children


Physical Education

Access the class page section on the website. Choose PE and ‘Current Learning’ open the grid. There are a range of activities for you to have a go at on here.

- - Joe Wicks 30min workout everyday livestreaming at 9am.

- - follow the exercise routines

- – yoga activities for children



Access the class page section on the website. Choose Music and ‘Current Learning’ open the page. There are a range of activities for you to have a go at on here.

- Some fine motor work. Lego, cutting, playdough, tidying up small toys.

- Some art/music where possible through the week. Doesn't always need to be guided.

- - different instructional guides for characters from well-loved stories.

- There are a range of artists and musicians offering live streams or with you tube channels to guide you through some art activities.


Across the curriculum

- world games - the full range of topics your child is likely to study at primary level.

-  - some great ideas to inspire activities.

-Jamie Oliver - helps the nation with easy recipes, cooking tips, and ingenious hacks whilst many of us are staying at home. Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On starts Monday at 5:30pm on Channel 4

- Dyson challenge cards – how many can you complete?