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If you need to learn from home please have a look at all of the Music Challenge activities below. 

One thing we are missing at school is not being able to sing with our class at the moment. What songs do you know? Who could you sing with at home? Could they teach you a song?

29/6/20 Another music challenge - Bingo!

How can music help athletes?

Skiers with instruments on their backs

A 2010 study led by sport psychologist C.I. Karageorghis says that music can improve athletic performance in two ways: it can either delay feeling tired or increase work capacity.

The effects of music lead to “higher-than-expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength.”



              8/6/20      Art Week - find out about music and art

colourful painting of instruments

1/6/20 Music challenges for this week :)

18/5/20 Music Bingo challenge - have a go!

11/5/20 The weekly music challenge board - bingo!

4/5/20 Another music challenge Bingo board - enjoy!

27/4/20 Music Challenge - can you do them all this week?

20/4/20 Music Challenge Bingo - how many can you complete in a week?

Matt Lucas - Thank You Baked Potato #StayHome #FeedNHS

Have you heard Thank You Baked Potato?
It's great! So much important information: it has a catchy tune and was written to raise money to help people that work in hospitals.

Term 5 Challenge - write your own song that teaches people about the importance of washing our hands or standing apart from others at the moment.
You could draw a cartoon to go with your song that has the words (lyrics) on.

Baked Potato Ukulele Tutorial

Learn the chords to play the fantastic Thank You Baked Potato song by Matt Lucas on a ukulele.

Times Table Songs - Percy Parker -

GREAT songs to sing that help you to learn your times tables.
Which is your favourite? Why?

30/3/20 Music Challenge Bingo - can you do them all?

23/3/20 Music Challenge Bingo - how many of the tasks can you complete this week?