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Warhol Class Memories

Warhol Class Are Enjoying The Outdoor Classroom In This Heat

Superfood Super Smothies

Joshua's Adjective Tree Art

Rory's Pomander

Aston's Mass Measuring And Tomato Plants

Rory's Time Learning

Eli's Fact File And Artwork

Rory's Plant Art

Noah's Fact File

Cameron's Natural Materials Artwork

Amelia's Plant Art

Rory's Cactus Fact File And R.E. Poster

Tilly's R.E Poster

Aston's Learning

Eliana's Word Art

Phoebe's Learning

An Artist In The Making

Tilly's Retrieval

Eliana's English

Ruby's Creative Learning

Tilly's Topic

Eli Enjoying Science

Tilly's Religious Education

Rory's Heavenly and Earthly Kings

Eliana's R.E Learning

Joshua Planting Bell Peppers

Aston Planting Tomatoes

Amelia Planting Seeds

Tilly's English

Phoebe's Smelling Experiment

Yum Hope There's Enough To Share Eli

Incredible Smell Tests Happening!

Charlie Doing Some Amazing Science

Tilly's Plant Hunt

Cameron's Delicious Sausage Rolls For Rapunzel's Ball

Aston's Learning and 6th Birthday

Eliana's Scrummy Pizza For Rapunzel's Ball

Cameron's Lego Castle

Eli's Lego Castle

Eli And Lyla-Rose Enjoying Their Walk

Yummy Recipe To Try

Tilly and Millie's Family Of Elephants

Tilly's Fact File About Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Here Is Rory's Finished Castle

Rory Building His Castle

Phoebe's Castle Blueprint

Cameron's Castle

Phoebe And Grace Doing Excellent Learning

Charlie's Castle

Eli's Carpentry Project!

Tilly And Millie Spreading A Little Joy

Rory is filling his days!

Tilly's Morning Workout

Ruby's Been Enjoying The Sunshine