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Executive Headteacher: Mrs C Eggleston

Head of School: Mr N Brinicombe


Assistant Heads of School : Ms T Moody [SENCo]

                                                   Mrs V Alliston


We have an open door policy and would prefer to know if you have a difficulty or a concern so that we can help. Please talk to us at the gate if it is a quick enquiry; we would of course be happy to talk inside if more time is needed, or if the matter is of a confidential nature.

You may prefer to telephone or visit the school office, where, Mrs Bean or Miss Peirce will help you with any queries. If you would prefer to make an appointment to meet with a senior member of staff or the class teacher, this can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.


Class teachers are also usually available at the end of the school day. This can be a conversation on the playground for minor queries, but if you need a more formal conversation, please make this known so that you can be welcomed in to the building. At the start of the school day the teachers are busy setting up for a successful day for the children, so are generally unavailable. Any important messages are always relayed by the member of staff on duty at the door, or the office team. Please be aware that teachers have a professional meeting each Wednesday immediately after the school day.


River Primary School 
Lewisham Rd 
Dover, Kent CT17 0PP

Tel: 01304 822516