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At Lydden, Computing is taught through a mixture of embedded learning and discreet lessons.


Embedded teaching is where we use computers and our computing skills but in another context. For example, creating PowerPoint presentations for our topic work. This allows the children to apply their knowledge and skills in a way that encourages investigation as well as promoting working collaboratively.


The discreet lessons we teach are aimed at developing new key skills to meet the demands of the curriculum. An example of this is a new requirement to teach children about coding. Children are taught to write small computer programmes at first and then moving onto larger elements, such as creating their own online calculators.


The areas of study in the computing curriculum are:


Text and Graphics – write documents and editing them in programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Research and Communications – using various sources to find information and record it as well as sharing it with others.


Multi-Media Authoring – changing effects and elements of documents to make them more enjoyable.


Digital Creativity – creating sound, music, movie and pictures using various resources.


Data and Programming – creating programs and finding problems with the programs of others


E-Safety – keeping safe when using electronic devices both online and when by ourselves.