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Barnum Class

Taking responsibility to meet the needs of living things in our community.

Lemon and lavender biscuits!

Sowing seeds!

Which parts of a plant can you name?

Barnum and Attenborough class explored the different types of plants and flowers at Folkestone Garden Centre as a hook into their new topic 'The Scented Garden.'

Term 5 - Our topic title for this term is...

Mr Ken's visit. He told us about bottle bricks and the impact of plastic waste.

A PLEA FROM MR. KEN: PLEASE BRING IN ANY PLASTIC BOTTLES AND THEIR LIDS TO BARNUM CLASS. These will be used for bottle bricks. Bottle bricks are plastic bottles filled with clean and dry used plastic that cannot be recycled. Mr. Ken is planning to use these bricks to create a piece of furniture for the school. This is a fantastic use of plastic waste and enables us to take personal responsibility for the plastic we use.

Book week - sharing the love of books and reading!

We explored the term 'reduce, reuse, recycle' in forest school today.

Learning about recycling at the East Kent Recycling Centre.

Which questions have you got about rubbish?

Mrs File dumped a load of rubbish in our classroom!

Term 4 - Our big question for our topic this term is...

When is rubbish, rubbish?


Our amazing art installation based on Chinese New Year - a fantastic end to term 3!

Barnum class were challenged to use a circuit, including a switch ,to design and make their own light invention.

Chinese inspired lanterns!

Happy Chinese New Year!

How are shadows formed?

Year 4 are learning to play the Ukulele.

Investigating lighting up our lives!

A visit from Max, the fire safety officer.

What did you learn about fire safety?
It is important to know how to stay safe.

Term 3 - What lights up our lives?

Week 1 - Above is the image of this term's topic question 'What lights up our lives?'

This week we explored our initial thoughts about what lights up our lives.

We considered people, emotions, what we believe in and electrical devices.

What lights up your life?

Learning celebration - What makes food irresistible?

We presented our learning to the school community.
Many parents and carers came to listen.
Many parents and carers came to ask questions.
We loved sharing our presentations.
We shared photos about our learning experiences.
Some of us created adverts using iPads.
Children directed parents to the presentations
We loved showing off our learning!
Everyone for voted their favourite home made cream
We gained new skills through presenting.
Thank you to all who supported years 2, 3 and 4.

Barnum Class Christmas party ! Can you spot who the snowmen are?

Christmas dinner!

Christmas jumper day!

How does the packaging make food irresistible?

I spy evidence of farming in Lydden!

Term 2 - What makes food irresistible?

Mummifying fish!

A massive thank you to Kirsty at Whitfield Tesco for delivering mackerel to our school and for Tesco for their generous donation. It has enabled the children to learn in such a fun and memorable way.


With thanks from Barnum and Attenborough class.

Barnum's Harvest Festival!

Using water colours to create images of Canopic jars.

Challah Bread Plaiting

Making pyramids!