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2019 - 2020

Thursday 6th February year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics

Our 1st Dover schools partnership competition of the year and what a great way to start! Our year 3/4 athletics team ran their hearts out, jumped as far and high as they could and threw some impressive distances. All of the children demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and teamwork skills. When all the final points had been added River finished in 5th position - well done all who competed!

Thursday 6th February Year 1/2 Infant Agility

Our year 2 Infant Agility team took over from our year 3/4 athletic team - running, jumping and throwing to the best of their ability! All of the children had so much fun competing within this competition. Everyone showed perseverance and determination to challenge themselves and help their team. Their finishing position was 4th place - what a great performance!