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Year 4

Term 2

This term in intra-sport we played benchball. Everyone tried their best, persevered to earn as many points as they could for their house. The conference of the umpires grow as the tournament progressed, being completely in control of all of their matches. All of the teams played to the best of their ability gaining as many points as possible for their houses. Some of the matches were very closely fought games, as the final results show!

!st Holmstone and Coxhill

3rd Limekiln and Frandham 

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Term 1

In year 4 intra sport we played dodgeball. Everybody tried their best to score points for they house team. The umpires supported us even though it was a new experience for them. The children in charge of the rotation of teams had to tell all of the players which pitch they were on and the team that they were playing against. We all enjoyed playing dodgeball, representing our house and supporting each other.

Final positions

1st Frandham

2nd Coxhill

3rd Limekiln

4th Holmstone

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